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We offer a full range of services, from dewatering to wind farm cable installation.

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Generations of experience

Robinson Service Inc. has been a family business since 1966—over three generations. We care about your project's needs and getting the job done right.

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We're prepared to deliver a wide-range of services customized to fit your unique needs. If you don't see a particular service listed here, please contact us.


Plowing in tile, gas lines, dual wall pipe with flexible liner, wind farm cable, etc.

Deep trenching

Installation of tile, sock pipe for dewatering, cable, & tile mains using state-of-the-art Hollanddrain equipment

Horizontal dewatering

Fast & efficient way to dewater—only the pump and discharge hose is above ground

Machine fabrication

Fabrication, alterations, and design modifications as needed for various projects

Slurry Walls

Installing insta soil bentonite slurry walls and concrete bentonite slurry walls


Tiling jobs including tile with porous backfill, performed with highly portable machines which reduce mobilization time

Building the future

Hollanddrain BSY 4500 with 7ft tile plow

Who we are

We're prepared to complete deep trenching, dewatering, and farm tiling projects. We're also equipped to respond to a range of custom projects, from slurry walls to wind farm cable installation. If you don't see the service you're seeking listed here, just ask.

  • Deep trenching
  • Horizontal dewatering
  • Site ground water control
  • Interception drains
  • Trenching with pours backfill
  • Ground consolidation

Robinson Service, Inc. is a family owned & operated business based in Earlville, Iowa.

The business was founded by Wilmer “Bill” Robinson in 1966. Bill was a leader in agricultural conservation practices including contour farming and tile-drained terraces.

Bill’s son Duane became president of the family business in 1994 and continues to run the business with his son Brent Robinson, today.

Iowa Safety Trenching & Excavating Certification
Associated General Contractors of Iowa
Conduced by Jack Mickle, PhD
Sponsored by the Iowa Engineering & Land Surveying Examining Board

Iowa Chapter of Land Improvement Contractors of America
31 years of membership



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